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Sharing a pilot logbook

A pilot logbook can be shared to another account to enable entries to be made in that logbook, viewed on a read only basis or certified by an instructor. To enable sharing, log in to your account on a web browser and edit your pilot logbook.

Select the “Sharing” tab and then “Individual”

Sharing permissions can be set to “Read-only” which will allow the shared user to read but not edit entries in your logbook. Alternatively, you can set the permission to “Full” which will give them access to your logbook as though they were the logbook owner. A third setting, “Certify”, allows the shared user (generally an instructor) to certify entries in your logbook and lock them from further edits in future. “Full with certify” allows the user to make and edit entries as well as certify entries.

Enter either the username or email address of the account you wish to share to. The system only requires one field to be entered and once the account has been identified, the “ADD” button will be enabled. Once the user accepts the sharing permissions, they will be able to access the shared logbook.

Permissions can be changed at anytime in the future by adjusting the settings on the user in the list. They can be suspended from accessing your logbook by turning them off using the toggle switch, permission can be changed from “Read-only” to “Full” or “Certify” or vice-versa, or the user can be deleted entirely.