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Creating custom data fields

In some instances you may wish to monitor in flight trend data, capture particular information that is not standard, or simply create custom fields specific to your type of operation.

In you aircraft configuration screen, select the “Fields” tab and then select the “Custom” tab within that page. Here you can create your own fields, set upper and lower threshold values for the field and define the units that it is measured in. You can also specify whether the field is mandatory (i.e. if the user does not enter a value they will not be able to complete their logbook entry).

In the log entry screen these values will be displayed under the “Custom fields” tab where you can enter and save the information.

Likewise, in the app you can select the “Custom fields” area of the screen to enter the data.

We will be creating a range of new features designed to display, analyse and alert you to issues relating to this data in future releases.