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When quickly scanning your aircraft summaries for items that may affect the safety of flight, lockr.aero will alert you to any potential issues.

The symbology we use is based on some simple principles. Green is good, yellow or amber is something that you should look into, red is likely to ground the aircraft.

In the example below, the aircraft has a minor defect (yellow exclamation mark), overdue maintenance (red spanner), and a valid MR (green MR symbol).

The following example shows an aircraft with a major defect (red exclamation mark), overdue maintenance (red spanner), and an MR that is not valid (red MR symbol).

This philosophy is carried throughout the entire system so when viewing the status of an item, it will be familiar and instantly recognisable. In the below summary, a person reviewing the aircraft summary screen can very quickly determine which aircraft is ready to fly and which ones may require more attention.

It is this simple approach to our system design that makes our logbooks the best electronic logbooks available.