Why we exist

Our founder, Michael Monck, doing what he loves - flying!

Why we make the best pilot logbooks

I first flew an aeroplane over 30 years ago and have loved aviation from that day onwards. Many years have passed by since then and I have seen the ups and downs that the industry has faced. We are one of those industries that is particularly susceptible to a range of external factors.

Economic downturn, terrorism, fuel prices, political pressure and so on all affect us. We need tools and systems from suppliers that support the industry, not from businesses that simply use us as a source of income. That’s why I started lockr.aero.

Our software is designed to bring advanced record keeping tools, from simple logbooks through to more complex compliance management systems, to aviators from the grass roots level up. When pilots get laid off the last thing they need is to be over charged when they are trying to get their logbooks in order. Likewise our flying schools and instructors are the ones keeping our existing qualifications current and developing the next generation of pilots, we should not be looking at them as a cash cow. And the lack of maintenance personnel is getting increasingly alarming so we need to equip them with the right tools as well.

We make software that is accessible, affordable and easy to use so pilots, schools and their instructors, maintainers, and even regulators can do their jobs effectively without incurring huge costs. Our design philosophy is to listen to you and then make we build the tools that you need.

If you want a solution that isn’t just made by fellow aviators but is instead made by people who are genuine about supporting and promoting our great industry then you have found the right product. We have been involved in promoting numerous aviation events, are active on the board of Recreational Aviation Australia which is the country’s largest not for profit flying organisation. We also spearheaded the Touch the Sky project to support women in aviation and we assist charitable organisations such as FunFlight, a charity that helps kids suffering from illness and adversity. Flight Youth Engineering, is another great initiative we support to encourage youth to get involved in aviation. And we develop products such as sunglasses that don’t create pressure points with your headset through our FLYTE brand and electric aircraft through our sister company Infinitus Aero.

We would love to support you too.

Founder & CEO