Filter hours by category

If you hold multiple licences covering fixed wing, rotary wing, gliders or any other category of aircraft there is no longer a need to record information in different logbooks. Keeping your hours all in once place simplifies record keeping and also allows different...

Filter hours by type

Flight hours can be viewed in total or filtered by different criteria. Reports can be run on logbooks to present data for certain periods, certain aircraft types, flying based on country or type of registration and a range of other configurable options.

Track daily inspections

Daily inspections are logged in the system with data from previous flights being automatically carried over and summed up accordingly. Mathematical mistakes are eliminated and building an accurate record of daily flight totals is simplified without error.

Visually log flights

When route data is entered into your logbook we map it so you can display information visually and relive your flight history. Visual data can be filtered by data range with display elements configurable by the end user.

Track student progress

Student records can be created with entries made against a particular syllabus and flight training elements. Progress can be tracked against the syllabus requirements with student records being sent to the student as well to avoid misunderstandings and improve...

Pilot logbook app

Users can configure whether they want time to be stored in decimal format (one or two decimal places) or in hours and minutes. Times can be entered using block times or directly entered based on other sources. Settings can be changed at a later date of your needs...