Auto calculate nav time

Set a minimum distance criteria for nav flights and when you enter route data we will automatically log nav time for you if the route exceeds the parameter you have set. It is another automatic feature that we offer that saves time entering data and eliminates...

Traps / bolters

Naval aviators from different countries need to record their carrier landings and specifically whether it was a trap or a bolter. Whether it is for currency or posterity the information can be sotred in for future reference and easy recall.

Launch types

Aviators engaged in gliding operations are often required to record their launch types. Be it winch, aero tow or another type, the information can be recorded in and reported on using our built in, customisable reporting tools.

Store landings and take off data

Take off and landing data can be entered into logbooks for currency purposes. Each landing and take off can be broken down into day or night for recency under different qualifications.

Track fire bombing, ag spraying, etc.

For pilots working in the aerial application industry for ag spraying, fire fighting or any other similar types of activity, the number of loads, type of drop and quantities can be stored for later reference. This information is useful when renewing qualifications,...

Store GPS routes

If you use our fly now feature to track your flights or you have GPS files from another source you can display this information in your logbooks against planned routes. Useful for assessing your own performance or as an additional teaching aid in instructing...