Track instructor and ab initio time

Instructors are required to record their total instructor time alongside time spent delivering ab-initio training. This is critical for instructor upgrades and employment purposes assisting instructors to avoid missing out on their next promotion.

Auto calculate day/night flying

When block times are used for data entry and a route is entered the system will automatically work out the breakdown between day and night time hours. This removes an additional layer of administrative burden for flight crews further simplifying data...

Set minimum grades

For each element within a syllabus a minimum grade can be set to avoid confusion and make training outcomes clear for students and instructors alike. These records can then be used for compliance purposes as well as assisting with the training process itself.

Build a syllabus

Flying schools can design their own flight training syllabus for the instruction of students. Syllabi and the underlying elements can then be then be used to record the progression of students using our student records management system.

Filter hours by type

Flight hours can be viewed in total or filtered by different criteria. Reports can be run on logbooks to present data for certain periods, certain aircraft types, flying based on country or type of registration and a range of other configurable options.

Track daily inspections

Daily inspections are logged in the system with data from previous flights being automatically carried over and summed up accordingly. Mathematical mistakes are eliminated and building an accurate record of daily flight totals is simplified without error.