MHR partnership


Matt Hall Racing and team up to deliver world leading electronic logbooks

We have always been all about delivering a great experience to our customers by developing the best possible products in the electronic logbook space. Matt Hall Racing shares our passion for aviation by competing in the toughest motorsport on the planet. With a shared vision for excellence it seems that a partnership was only a matter of time.

Today our two companies have come together with the common goal of promoting aviation and delivering amazing experiences to all of our customers. Matt Hall Racing does this with their domestic joy flight and charter business as well as through competing in the Red Bull Air Race. We are proud at to be a part of these efforts by supporting Matt as a personal sponsor in his efforts to take out the World Championship in 2019.

Our system takes the pain out of paperwork for aviators. It simplifies the process of recording flight times and other aspects for pilots and aircraft owners by making every logbook available on any internet connect device, even if it’s offline. It has never been easier to accurately record what happens every time a pilot or aircraft goes flying.

At Matt Hall Racing, they have multiple aircraft of varying types. Their pilots jump between these different planes, and for Matt, he also needs to factor in the time spent racing a plane overseas. For Matt Hall Racing, managing pilots and aircraft all in one paperless location makes sense.

We’re also delivering more value to our subscribers with all users receiving a 10% discount on Matt Hall Exclusive joy flight vouchers!

Simply call the Matt Hall Racing team on (02) 1300 790 936 or email them at and quote your username along with your personal details. Once the MHR team have verified your account with us, they’ll confirm the flight with you.

We hope you take advantage of this great offer and enjoy using our logbook software.

The team!

1 May 2019